Photo credit: Christy Baxter 2018

Photo credit: Christy Baxter 2018

Parenting mentor and coach at Auntie Cole

Over the last dozen years I have dedicated myself to motherhood and public health, both to varying degrees of success.  In that time I have been a stay-at-home mom, a working mom, a single mom, a working pregnant mom  who is going to grad school while raising a 3 year old, and a co-parenting mom with a new partner. It's been a lot of change. Through all those ups and downs, I have learned so much about parenting and babies, toddlers, and children (sometimes the hard way). I am ready to share my knowledge (maybe wisdom too) with other parents. My vision is to create a community of parents that support and help each other, something society deeply needs. My parenting philosophy is heartful, playful. and values-based.

If you're into credentials, I have those too. I earned a Masters degree in Public Health from Drexel University and have been working professionally in public health for over 15 years, specializing in community engagement, health policy, and qualitative research. I completed the DONA postpartum doula training and am a certified Our Baby Class mentor, teaching classes about infant care and life as a new mom. I also have a Mental First Aid certification. I serve on the board of Lifecycle Womencare, the nation's oldest independent birth center. 


I write about parenting, mindfulness, and personal growth. I share what I'm thinking about, what I'm reading, and how I'm changing in my occasional newsletter, Good News.  If you like photos of graffiti, nature, and silly kids then check out my Instagram. You can find my #the100dayproject poems there as well.

Community organizer and activist

I like to start groups and develop new ways for people to build community and grow. In the last few years, I co-founded the local chapter of National Organization for Women (2015) and the Southeastern PA chapter of Showing Up for Racial Justice (2017). I am no longer in the leadership of Delco NOW, but I am still active in the chapter.  A long time ago, I founded and organized a local grassroots progressive group that grew out of a Dean for America meet-up group, as well as a new parent group when I was a new mom.

 I am fascinated with developing brave spaces and sharing stories. One of my latest experiments is a monthly woman's circle where we share stories, resonance, and a meal. I also enjoy facilitating workshops about Public Narrative, based on the work of famed community organizer Marshall Ganz. 

I talk in public about racism, equity in public education, and white skin privilege whenever people will invite me. Currently, I am volunteering with the awesome folks at POWER Metro on education equity and racial justice issues.  Recently I co-facilitated an in-service training for school district staff (through the The Peace Center). I would be happy to work with your community group on any of these topics, send me an email and we can figure it out.