Nicole's favorite things

By day I am a public health professional with expertise in community engagement, social determinants, women's health, and HIV policy. By night I am an occasional writer and volunteer for various civic and social justice activities. I write about motherhood, feminism, whiteness, anti-racism, and things I read. Sometimes I give unsolicited advice to unnamed people. Other times I write a list, because that's what civilization has come to, a collection of lists. 

If you're into mindfulness, parenting and/or unsolicited advice, you can keep up with my blog posts and what I have been thinking about via my periodically published newsletter. You can find me on Twitter (occasionally) if you want to exchange ideas. I post some of my writing about public health and personal growth on Medium. If you like photos of graffiti, nature, and silly kids then check out my Instagram

I talk in public about racism, equity, and white skin privilege whenever people will invite me. Most recently, I worked with Bucks County Peace Center on a training day for school district staff. So if you think I might be of service to your group or organization, let's chat.

I am one of the few people who still answers emails, so feel free to share ideas, hold me accountable or offer me extravagant gifts.